What we do
What we do
When disaster strikes, we are here to assist you. Insurance Companies do not fully represent you and will first of all protect their interest. The less they pay the better profit they make. Our goal is to make sure that our clients get a fair settlement of their claim expeditiously.

Claims Administrators Limited is familiar with the terms and conditions of policies, the information needed to process a claim and will take care of the frustrating and time consuming negotiations with the insurance company. Best of all, you pay nothing up front for our services. We get paid a percentage of each claim only when the claim is settled. In other words, we get paid for what we have done, not what we say we will do.

We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied clients.
Our Services
Our Services
Our Services
  1. Single assignment of a claim. We will interpret your policy, compile your data, present the claim to your insurance company and negotiate a fair and speedy settlement
  2. Personal injury compensation recovery
  3. Complete claims administration services including: Marine, Aviation, Liability, Auto & Property
  4. Automotive, equipment & property appraisals
  5. Accident scene investigations
  6. Accident reconstruction services
  7. Risk assessment, survey and risk management
  8. Subrogation and recovery
  9. Arbitration
Virtual Claims Adjuster
Your Claims
Your Claims
You can access your claims from our SECURE WEB-BASED PLATFORM

The SECURE online platform allows YOU to access YOUR claim files from anywhere with an internet connection and helps YOU enjoy real time information on the progress of your claims.
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Jamaica: 876-927-7609
United States: 1-305-595-8678
Fax: 876-927-6053
Email: cal@claimsadmin.com
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What we are about.
Welcome to Claims Administrators Limited, your best friend when disaster strikes and you have an insurance claim.

In 1997, recognizing the increasing difficulty in getting claims settled, Claims Administrators Limited was established to represent you, the claimant, not the insurance company. We will make sure that you get a fair settlement of your claim without your having to go through the aggravation and frustration of negotiating settlement.
virtual claims adjuster
Your Claims
Web based claims management system

Click here to access your claims
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Complete claims administration services including: Marine, Aviation, Liability, Auto & Property
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